Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Mr. Scarecrow


I have fallen In love with these glass blocks. You can find them almost anywhere, for this project I bought them at Lowes they are 8 X 8 and run $4.97 each. (If you buy an entire case like I did you save a little bit)

First take your alcohol ink (you can find it at Ben Franklin Crafts, or online. Roberts or Michaels does not carry it) and dab it on with a square piece of felt of any color. There are several colors to choose from I used Espresso. Make sure not to use to much it dries really fast and once it does, what ever it looks like is what it will be. Don't try to fix it, trust me just don't. Once you have done all the block. Top, Sides, and back apply your vinyl. Like you would with any other project.

Here is an image you can save and use for your shilhuette from Quickutz if you have one. If you have never tried to import your own image go to here to learn how, it I thought it was rather easy and not the quickest at computer stuff at all. If you don't have a silhouette I can do the vinyl for you for $5 that includes your shipping. If you are using other size besides the 8X8 Block please specify that in your email. You could do it with a cricket I assume, I have never used one so I'm not sure.

To make the hat cut your felt 8H x 20L. On your short height fold it up about 2-3 inches it doesn't have to be perfect. glue the hat closed so it holds the flap in place, only place glue to close to the top of the fold in the back so now you should have a tube with a fold at the bottom. Do not glue the top closed.

Next lay your hat flat make sure your seam is in the back center. cut about every 1-2 inches apart (like a tie fleece quilt) down about 3 inches making sure to cut top and bottom so you can knot them together. Once whole hat is cut, know front piece to the back piece until there are no more ties left.
Next embellish your hat however you can't use colors that would work best for your home.
**There are several other ways to do this but this is a newer version I like. I would love to see any other ideas of how to do it, if you make one.
I hope you enjoy your Scarecrow!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Frankenstein Glass Block

I saw this cute idea here and wanted to make one, but I know my kids would pick at the paper so I went on a hunt. First I found Alcohol Inks at Ben Franklin (they only come in a 3 pack and are random colors, you can buy them online individually) well since I only wanted green and wasn't sure how will it would work I passed it up. I bought the stain glass paint from Roberts for 1.99 it was okay (see attempt #1) I went back to Ben Franklin and bought the Alcohol Inks (attempt #2). I don't know about you but #2 was the winner. I love the color and the texture of it. I feel the #1 looks like the already tinted glass block you buy at Lowes. I did everything the same but instead of the paper like I said, I sponged on the ink with a piece of felt, a little ink goes a long way!

Attempt #1

Attempt #2